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7 Process of Elimination
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10 Taking a Picture of a Supernova While Setting Up a New Camera
11 DLVM: A modern compiler framework for neural network DSLs
12 I don’t understand Graph Theory
13 Nobody Wants to Let Google Win the War for Maps All Over Again
14 Scalable Bloom Filters (2007) [pdf]
15 Google Pay app for Android
16 Show HN: Use encrypted passwords in shell scripts signed with your SSH key
17 Paper review: IPFS – Content addressed, versioned, P2P file system
18 Technology Change Not the Culprit in Wages Falling Behind US Productivity Gains
19 You Probably Don't Need a Blockchain
20 Why Self-Taught Artificial Intelligence Has Trouble with the Real World
21 Go and Versioning: Minimal Version Selection
22 Growing a company that sells miniature construction supplies to $17k/mo
23 Floating point error is the least of my worries (2011)
24 Implementing a Gaussian Naive Bayes Classifier in Python
25 Startup Ideas We'd Like to Fund (2008)
26 Show HN: Mux Video, a simple API to powerful video streaming
27 Atrium is hiring – Help us build the future of law
28 The Great Puri.sm Outage of 2018
29 MeltdownPrime, SpectrePrime: Exploiting Invalidation-Based Coherence Protocols
30 Go and Versioning: Reproducible, Verifiable, Verified Builds
31 The Religious Experience of Philip K. Dick by R. Crumb
32 Applications are open for YC Summer 2018
33 API